Thank you for your interest in my company, My name is Bryan Ruff and I am the owner-operator here at Built Right Pools.

With the excessive interest in the swimming industry due to Covid-19, many of the things we do here had to change.

Please note the following:

My wife and I am very overwhelmed with the customers I am already working with and the new customers calls that come in 10+ per day. Most intro calls can last 30 -45 mins each.

I have a ton of permits I continue to work at daily and they are my Achilles heel. I have limited available hours to complete all my tasks daily.

I need your patience and your help by reminding me with calls or texts if I haven't gotten back to you for any reason. I do apologize to those who fell through the cracks.

If you do not get a call back there are many reasons why. Please do not give me a negative review online just because you didn't hear back from me.

I do not work in New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland or New York only PA.

You will not get a call back if you have a phone number outside PA. If you have an 856-609 or other area codes in your number you will not get a call back unless you state in your voicemail your location is in PA.

I only offer and install above ground round pool packages from my website, I no longer offer In-ground pools, semi in-ground / on-ground pools I do not install a pool you bought somewhere else.

I no longer offer Decking - wood or composite. If you would like a wood deck with your pool you will need a subcontractor for that. The Aluminum decks that come with above-ground pools are junk and we refuse to sell them.

My electrician (Uncle Chuck) is very busy, I only offer him out on special occasions please try and find an electrician if you can. If you can We will see what we can do to help.

I don't offer any type of repair or upgrade services to anyone except to the customer who has a Built Right Pool in their yard.

I can drop an above-ground pool up to 2 feet in-ground for an extra fee.

Due to manufacturing limitations, There is a shortage of raw plastics used to make the resin pools, ladders, filters, and other items that are causing price/availability issues and continue to grow as a problem. I do not expect to have enough available material to work this full year. My full schedule of available pools should be completed before labor day.

We have a limited supply of Carvin Round pools and models, Especially the larger pools 21 round bigger are very limited supply. I have a fair amount of 15 and 18 round pools left for now.

We are now booking for new round pools after July this year or even next year, If you want an oval pool it will be next year for installation dates minimum. I can not offer any guarantees of time frame this year.

I only offer digital 3D virtual quotes right now. Most pool layouts and scenarios can be shown in virtual 3D. In-home estimates will only be available free of charge if deemed necessary by me.

I still get more calls and contact form fillers than can be handled. If you are in a rush for a pool, I can not be your guy right now. If you are prepared to wait in line for a pool give me a call and make sure to mention where you are located, please.